About The Trees

Uses and advantages of Faidherbia albida

  • Fast growing reaching a height of 3meters within a year
  • Drought-resistant and valuable water-conserving species
  • Keeps leaves during the dry season (shade) but sheds off leaves at the onset of the wet season.
  • Naturally regenerates
  • Provides folder to animals
  • Seedpods are highly palatable to livestock
  • Important dry season fodder
  • Helps to improve soil by fixing nitrogen in the soil
  • Excess leaf fall helps improve soil in recycling of soil nutrients, improve soil texture and reduce rate of water loss from soils in dry season
  • Woody and useful source of fibre and firewood
  • Rat poison

Uses and advantages of Leucaena

  • Soil fertility improvement
  • Nutrient recycling
  • Soil texture improvement
  • Biomass in the  soil improves soil water retention capacity
  • Animal folder
  • Wood for cooking

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