Our Interest Is In Two-Fold, Conservation Farming and Climate Change. The current highlight is the tree planting exercise dabbed the Green Schools Program. We call you to help the environment thrive. Read on to see how you may participate

What We Do

Green Schools Program

This is an environmental program that was designed by Kulinga Afforestation Initiatives a subsidiary of Kulinga Ventures as a means of conserving our environment with particular emphasis on schools (Primary and Secondary), higher learning institutions and the communities around them. This initiative will be implemented throughout the country. Click to view the letter of authorization from the Ministry of General Education


Under this intervention, Kulinga afforestation initiatives(KAI) has established orchards at kapete primary school in chongwe were a number of tree species were planted including nitrogen fixing and citrus trees. Invited to officially launch this event was the Ps Education Mr Joel Kamoka and he was represented by Dr Banda Director National Science Centre. He then donated to the school a substantial amount of money for the school production unit and promised to further furnish their schools laboratory.

Awareness has been and is being carried out in communities and schools with a greater emphasis on the effects of climate change and how to reverse or mitigate the effects. Activities of planting woodlots,rang lands and carbon sinks around the community and in some schools with enough land is underway. With an intention of creating repol effects of empowering the community,creating fodder for animals and most importantly education the children of such activities.However the fruits for Nutrition in Schools (FNS) project shall be a component under the Green Schools Program.

Conservation Farming

Soils are the natural nutrient bank for the farmer. It is important to replenish and safely keep the nutrients in the soil in order to reduce the cost of buying chemical fertilizers and increase the profits that a farmer can make.

Climate Change

Climate change has a direct impact on agriculture and the society at large, hence our need for productivity in selected climate resilient trees with hope to mitigate the impact of droughts, floods and weather changing patterns in our society.

“Our Goal is to Help Keep Global Warming Below 2°C, and Enhance Food Security By Adapting To Conservation Farming Methods”

What We Do


At Kulinga Ventures we provide you with tree seedlings that can help to restore the fertility of your soils. Below are the soil improvement agroforestry tree seedlings that we provide to our esteemed customers.
Faidherbia albida
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Leucaena species
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• Click Grilicidia sepium for Uses and advantages.


We stock the following fruit trees:

Orange Seedlings

  • Valencia
  • Washington navel

Lemon seedlings

Guava plant seedlings

  • White guavas
  • Red guavas

Granadilla seedlings

Avocado Seedlings

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